Protocol for a binge eater/binge bufferer.

Hello, I recently signed up for SCS after loving Brooke’s podcasts. I’d like guidance in setting up a food protocol. I notice that I definitely shift my buffering from food, to drinking or binging TV and strangely lately to gum chewing – Ha! So those are my main issues. I heard in several podcasts that protocols for bingers might need to include some binge planning to start rather than going cold turkey, which makes sense to me. I also heard on the Twelve tools Webinar that one of the coaches on the monthly cover specializes in coaching binge eaters. All that said, I’m interested in working with someone like that, someone who I imagine also worked through the mental gymnastics of binging and then breaking fee of it….for a time…then back at it or shifting it to another false pleasure. My main goals for now are to become an emotional adult, live to my fullest potential and to decrease my buffering tendencies, especially the ones with a net negative. I’m within a couple pounds of my goal weight after losing 40 pounds this past year separately from Brooke’s training, but want to lower my desire so I can maintain the weight loss, without the constant mental battles. Please let me know how to move forward. Thanks!