Protocol for couples?

I’m wondering if you have some suggestions of protocols that a couple could do together?
I’m 50 lbs lighter than my highest weight (lost several years ago and with SCS help, I’ve finally stopped going up and down which I had done my entire adult life).
My goal is to lose another 10-15 lbs and maintain that.
He wants to lose his belly. He thinks it’s 10 lbs, I think it might be a bit more. Ultimately, it does not matter to me whether he loses it or not, I love him and am attracted to him no matter what but it seems to bother him as he’s always been very athletic and he really seems to want to lose it.

So I thought it might be easier to do this together as a couple so we can eat similar foods and it would certainly simplify grocery shopping and food preparation, but we have different needs. We both workout but he works construction and so is active all day and needs a lot more food than I do. I work an office job.
He’s 49 years old, 205 lbs at 5’11” with a muscular build. I’m 51 years old and 145 lbs at 5’3” (I have an athletic build too but still want to lean out more).

Is there a protocol that you would recommend that could work well for couples doing this together even if our bodies, hormones and overall needs might be different? Thanks so much!