Protocol for Fear?

I choose fear and worry as a protective measure against negative things happening. However, I now clearly see that I am creating more negative thinking and fear; my result is exactly what I am trying to avoid.

I would rather have faith, confidence and self-love over my constant worry and fear thoughts. My fears to let go of worry and fear are that I will not be able to handle any circumstances that I deem to be really negative and painful. (Thus, I try to control my Cs…not creating good results this way.) I am afraid something bad will happen if I let go of my fear and worry; those feelings and thoughts keep me in my protective, negative bubble. If I create the negativity then I won’t be surprised by and unable to handle any negative/failure/rejection/loss that comes my way.

I am trying to figure out what it will require of me to change this thinking. Can I create a protocol and thought jar for fear/worrying? While I am able to reflect on it, I am wondering how to get really clear about this goal.

C – The present
T – I am willing to try to enjoy it
F – Grounded (awareness in my feet, tingles, wavy lines along my feet)
A – I am softer to myself; I am more accepting of myself; I practice the new thought; I write the thought somewhere I can see; I don’t judge my fear and worry; I process the feelings of fear and worry deliberately; I don’t worry or fear (when I think of the T); I am more compassionate (neutral-ly)
R – I create space for new thoughts

Can I make a protocol for this goal?

Thank you!