Protocol for my life – models backwards

Dear Brooke and team,

I was doing two models backwards today and would to get your feedback:

R – woke up several times at night, felt exhausted in the morning
A – snacked off protocol at 10 pm, worked/researched on computer/phone before sleeping, didn’t find closure, went to bed at midnight
F – restless
T – I must find a perfect protocol for my life
C – my life

R – sleep 8 hours, sleep through the night, feel well rested in the morning
A – go to be bed 10:30 pm max, do not use computer/phone after 8:30 pm, establish clear end of work/research (e.g. by shutting down computer at 8:30 pm), eat according to plan, no late snacking
F – confident
T – I already know what the perfect protocol for my life looks like – and I live up to it
C – my life

I feel that this makes sense and I can see (and believe) that I already know what’s best for me. Which motivates me to set boundaries for myself – restricting from a place of love. 🙂 Two questions here:
– Would it be better to have an intentional model for a contrary feeling such as “relaxed” or “calm”?
– Also I feel that “disciplined” is matching my intentional actions better.

What do you think?