Protocol for Stop Smoking?

Hi Brooke, I just signed up for the September class and listened to the initial beginner call last Saturday. I’ve made my goal to quit smoking and I’ve filled out the first portion of “How to get it done” workbook. In there, you mention to decide your protocol. Has anyone made quitting smoking their goal? And if so, could you tell me what an example of a protocol looks like for this type of goal? I have many negative feelings that are tied to this one vice that I can’t seem to quit, but in addition to, I have things like over-drinking, self-pity, drama, etc. that seem JUST AS imperative to tackle. I know it’s advised to only take on ONE goal at a time so initially focusing on the smoking. I’m also a stepmother to 2 boys (one with special needs) and have a toddler boy as well. I know, 3 BOYS! :0 Between dealing with an over controlling ex-wife, autism w/ my stepson, crazy school / sports schedules, and a non-stop toddler, I’ve made my smoking / wine / patio time an imperative nightly routine. I am afraid I might have made my goal too big? Any advice on a protocol and everything else I’ve mentioned above is greatly appreciated. With all of the materials, podcasts (which I’ve listened to daily and are awesome), and resources, I still find myself unsure of how to start. Do I create a “ween-off” plan and narrow down the cigarettes each week, or do I try cold turkey? Sorry all over the place and thanks in advance!