Protocol for going off protocol

Merry Christmas, Brooke,

I was waffling about the line between being too hard on myself if I go off protocol and being kind and loving to myself despite going off protocol.

Then yesterday I had an epiphany; there is no line. Being mean or being loving is all drama, indulgent drama aimed and keeping me safe from the discomfort of change.

The math is WHY I went off protocol and what can I intentionally do/think to stay ON protocol. Yes? I can use that Overdrinking tool to look at what happened and have a plan for when that comes back in the future. Right? Iā€™m still practicing the thought that I love myself unconditionally just not trying to plug that in right away if I go off protocol.

Am I on the right track? Or is my good brain sidestepping the discomfort in a new way?

Thank you,