Protocol? Just no flour no sugar for 30 days??

Hi Brooke,
New to scholars. I am someone who likes to be told a specific plan. Started the Sept workbook but then heard Rachel on the intro call say, “focus on one thing, start with why you joined” which for me was overeating. I immediately switched, printed the overeating workbook and started listening to as many of your workshop teachings as possible. I’m up to #40 now. Started doing that workbook but didnt know how to answer some questions. At one point I heard you say to the class when designing a protocol that you tell your clients to start with 30 days of no flour or sugar first. I liked this concept because I feel that’s more doable when I am trying to figure all this out. Do you still recommend that? Should My goal be to to get through this overeating workbook for this month? Somehow I feel like I am missing out on doing the “How to get it done” month. Any advise is much appreciated. In the meantime, I haven’t really put any models together and wondering if I should finish listening to the entire workshop before doing the workbook. Thank you in advance. Renée