Protocol not working

I typically fluctuate in a 3 pound range and that range is 10 away from my goal weight. I am focused on sustainably losing the weight and my goal each week is to lose .5 pounds. The past 2 weeks I have gained weight despite eating on the protocol that before now has had me losing.

C – Weight range increase 3 # in 2 weeks
T – My protocol isn’t working (and it should be)
F – victim
A – look at all the things not working in my life, make it mean I’m destined not to get to my goal weight. Consider changing protocol, then ruminate on it and buffer with indecision. Don’t look for things going well (like the fact I’ve been able to stay on protocol for weeks, something that used to be very challenging), Believe that I will need drastic measures to lose the last 10 pounds and so my goal won’t happen. Beat myself up that I haven’t already achieved it. Not evaluating objectively next steps. Not be willing to take the risk of staying on protocol intentionally for another week or changing it.
R – I don’t work the protocol

When I look at the last line in my A line, I see a resistance to being wrong and not having guarantees – staying on my protocol might be wrong, changing it might be wrong, and the scale is going to decide (since the R I want is a # on the scale).

What do you see as next step here in managing my mind?