Protocol on Extended Vacation

I am away for 5 weeks in the Caribbean visiting family. It’s been a lovely 2 weeks but also hard, eating-wise.  I have consciously known I’m not totally on protocol.  I’ve tried to make peace with it based on the food choices I have. I went for a 2-hour walk yesterday morning.  I did find another grocery store at the far end of the island that is more American-like. Food choices are more like home. I’m hoping I can get back into habits and not feel like I’m falling backward. I’ve been noticing more aches and pains, inflammation/ bruising returning, which I guess is my body’s way of saying no to rice, local foods, Caribbean beer, and whatever is hidden in sauces of curries and other Caribbean dishes.

I enjoy myself here because I’m trying new things and immersing myself in the culture through food. How do I still feel a part of it, enjoy the foods I’ve discovered, but also not insult others with my food choices?  Also, how do I not beat myself up when I do take part ?? Thank you.