Protocol On Vacation With Extended Family

I’ve lost 15 of the 22 pounds for my goal and have not noticed a lot of emotion coming up when sticking to my protocol, and it hasn’t really been hard. I do notice hunger and allow it by using Brooke’s line of “we’re dining in.” I’ve also changed my grab assing habits by calling them what they are. But when I am with extended family on vacation, I notice myself eating too much and too often. I have stayed on my no flour and sugar and no grab assing, but I’ll eat lunch when I’d planned not to or go back for seconds even thirds. In the moment I am either not really aware or tell myself I am hungry and should eat. In the middle of eating it’s like I’m not even there. Can you help me with some questions to ask myself to get out of this pattern? I must be buffering but I can’t figure out how to be aware enough in the moment to feel anything.