Protocol – Quantities Confusion

Hey, thanks for all you do!
I have problems with the protocol, because I never weighed or counted calories. Therefore I don’t know how much is considered “normal” per meal.
In the examples of the stop overeating workbook it just says veggies (standing in for carbohydrates)- on page 25 with the sample protocol it says 8oz veggies at lunch and 14oz veggies at dinner. Does that mean the overall veggie-intake of the day should be around 20-25oz? Same with protein. There are pretty exact servings listed, like 2 eggs or 8oz milk. Does this count per meal or per day? (I know they are only for orientation, since everybody has a different starting weight). But like the rice – 4oz per meal or per day? Fruits – 6oz per meal? The last thing: it says 3 tablespoons of fat (per meal or per day?) and then “seeds” are listed. On the protein-list, “nuts” are listed at 2oz, which is much more than 3 tablespoons. But seeds and nuts are basically the same thing. (At least the translation in my language – they both have mostly fat and botanics says it’s the same).
Maybe you can help here. I know I have to decide, but when I plan out my food-journal and consider how much it is for the recipe, I get confused. Like for a salad topping: 3 tablespoons of sunflower-seeds, or 2oz of them? It’s the first time ever that I learn to keep track of quantities. (Calorie counting – never done that either but luckily it’s not advised).
Thank you 🙂