Protocol Question

I’ve discovered this model I have around following a food protocol. Keep in mind I already take really good care of myself, eat clean (80%), sleep good, exercise, and was at the point where I really didn’t think or have triggers around food.

C: Trainer provided a food protocol
T: If I don’t follow the protocol I won’t get the results I want.
F: Obligated?
A: “try” to follow the protocol, beat myself up if I go off protocol, obsess over food, start thinking about weight, food, again, end up overeating more
R: Prove the belief true if I don’t follow it I won’t get results I want

I was thinking this is an intentional model:

C: Trainer Provided Food Protocol
T: I don’t need to follow it to get amazing results
F: Empowered or Proud
A: think about how my natural eating habits are quite similar to her protocol which then I feel proud and energized, focus my attention on my workouts and how much I love them, make tweaks in my nutrition after listening to my body and how it’s feeling, my days are back to being focused on feeling amazing, doing what I love and getting really strong and flexible, no triggers around food anymore, I eat to feel good
R: feel amazing listening to myself and prove I don’t need her protocol

Any tips would be great. Thanks!!