Protocol Question

I’m a 5’9″, 140# male – wanted to get onto a protocol to stop my binge eating, care less about food, and lose a tiny bit of belly fat. I started IF a month or so ago – and usually eat a salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs, nuts, avocado at noon – and then vegetables and a bit of protein (usually chicken) at 6pm. During the time I started IF, I’ve had an onset of blurred vision and some lightheadedness. In trying to see what it could be connected to, I found hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) has these 2 symptoms. And that can be caused by too few calories. I like the amount of food I’m eating – but wondering if I should UP the amount – or maybe throw in an extra meal or ? I was binging on fruit – so I cut that out completely – so it’s now just veggies, protein, some fats. And I think I’m creating a calorie deficit – because I am losing that tiny bit of belly fat. Just wondering what your thoughts might be on this. Thanks!