Protocol Question

Hi Brooke,

For my protocol I am eating 2 times / day and anything on the Veggies, Fat and Protein list you’ve provided as part of Stop Overeating. On a typical day my meal consists of 10 oz veggies, 1/2 an avocado and 4 oz chicken breast as part of a salad. I’m finally in the phase where I no longer desire food and use it only to fuel my body. My last meal is usually at 6pm and the next meal is at 12 the next day. By noon I’m starving which I know I’m working towards being fat adapted. However when I start eating I find that I get full quickly and there is about 1/3 of my meal left. Should I eat everything on my plate or should I stop when I’m full? I was 135 lbs and I’ve lost 8 lbs since August 21st. My goal is 115 lbs. Thanks!