Protocol Question

Hello Brooke,
I have been on different diets many years. I have excluded sugar years ago.Sometimes I used Ksylitol.
I did exclude it now and diet coke too.
I am insuline resistant, I have Hashimoto and hypothyroidism.
My protocol : breakfast 8 am 2 scrumble egs with coconut oil, tomato or vegetable soupplus booletproof coffee
lunch 2 pm boiled or fried meat with vegetables or salad , 2 tbspoon of olive, apple
supper 7-8 pm – fried sweet potato or vegetable salad and half mango or pear or 2 plums
I started with 216 pounds, first I lost 5 pounds , then gain 2, now lost 1 – finally after 23 days I am in total -4 pounds.
What should I change to get better results? Why It is up and down? I keep protocol.
Thank you in advance for your advice.