Protocol Questions

I have been watching the workshops on how to stop overeating and I have some questions.

With the eating protocol I pick, I drew the impression that I should be eating the same thing over and over for my protocol. Brooke said to plan our food for the next day the night before or 24hrs ahead of time. I understand why and what she is saying, but I am unsure about eating the same thing over and over. If we eat the same thing, why would we need to plan 24 hours ahead of time if we are eating the same thing? Can our protocol have different meals every day?

I know we are allowed to decide our protocol while factoring in the rules. I am not wanting to give up my protein powder that I use and I am creating some drama with myself over that. I researched the ingredients. There is no added sugar, but it has a few sweeteners that are natural from plants. I am worried I am throwing off my balancing hormones although I researched all of the ingredients and they have not been shown to increase insulin. I just have drama because I know guar gum is on there and Brooke says no, along with no powdered forms of things.

The underlying issue for me is thinking I need to do it the correct way or it won’t work.