Protocol Tuning

I’d like some help with my protocol…or maybe it’s something else?
First the history….
I’ve been “mostly” sugar, wheat and alcohol free for almost a year. I was very strict for the first six months. To begin with, I wasn’t changing my foods to lose weight. I was focused on figuring out why I felt so lousy. I had completely lost all hope with weight loss.
It was a wonderful surprise to find that I wasn’t locked into a constantly growing body. So, now I am trying to lose weight again and it’s super slow…. maybe 1/2 pound a month.
I am more relaxed with my food now. What that looks like is that I don’t worry about having the occasional few pieces of fried calimari that likely has wheat in the batter (when out with my friends at Happy Hour) and some dark chocolate occasionally that has a bit of sugar, or a few sips of wine. I’ve lost about 40 pounds and it feels very easy to stay at this weight without trying, and continue to lose at about 1/2 pound a month. I’m happy with this food protocol and choose to eat this way now.
But, I’d like to step up the weight loss so I have been working my way through “stop overeating” (and noted the no snack component) and I recently had some food sensitivity testing. I discovered that I should restrict dairy, almonds, cocoa, green beans, soy and a few other items.
I’m struggling with not eating a handful of nuts or a slice of cheese either after or before dinner, or that occasional dark chocolate late at night. I’ve been doing thought downloads this last week and giving up snacking has been challenging but I’ve done it. One week down. No weight loss.
I can do IF for about a day a week, and when I try again the next day, I feel screamingly hungry with headaches and weakness, so I eat. Is this a sign I’m under-eating on that IF day? After 4-5 days, I usually can do it again with no problem. On non-IF days, I have a 1/2 avocado or 2-3 slices of bacon for breakfast, greens, protein, and olive oil/vinegar for lunch, and protein/vegetables for dinner. All through the day I have water, green tea usually with Stevia, and sparkling water. I’m never hangry. I’m hungry at meal times, but not starving, and never hungry between meals. I’m doing Hatha yoga 1-2 times a week, walking 1-2 times a week, and every morning I do a 5 minute routine that includes stretching, plank, lunges, and jumping jacks. I started this latter thing to prove to myself that I could do daily exercise. Nothing is strenuous.
I’m 175#, 5’4″, 59 years old.
I’m looking for some tips to fine tune my protocol ….or my mind … help me out.