Protocol update needed

I’ve been doing no sugar no flour for almost 4 months and have literally never felt better in my life. However….over the past couple weeks I’ve been letting my protocol ‘slip’ and have let myself over eat or eat unplanned. My body has been craving fats – Nuts, oil, heavy cream, honestly looking a butter makes my brain lust after it, which i’ve been allowing by the mouthfuls. I know i’m over eating, i know i need to be more diligent and i know it’s because i’m afraid of being hungry (still! Though fasting made me feel so bad ass) and i know i keep using the fact that i lift weights and ‘need food’ to make gains keeping me from my goals.
I haven’t gained any weight but i have gained and lost the same 4 pounds more than once and have 10 pounds to loose.

I just want to eat and eat and eat and have been indulging in it and it’s got me Frustrated but also since i haven’t gain weight my brain tells me it doesn’t see why it should stick to a protocol ….facepalm.
Help! I want to loose that 10 pounds and get back to happily fasting.