Providing Results Ahead of Time

I just started a new coaching business and I’m trying to figure out the best way to provide results ahead of time in a way that I can do consistently and build up fairly rapidly. I already created a meditation as a lead magnet and I’m promoting it heavily on social media. But it sounds like (according to Brooke) I need to do something that will build KLT and will provide CONSISTENT value over time.

C: Providing results ahead of time
T: This sounds like a lot of work to create free content to get paying clients in the future
F: Overwhelmed
A: Do nothing to create results ahead of time
R: No new traffic/leads

C: Providing results ahead of time
T: There is no rush to figure this out
F: Calm
A: Write out a list of ways to provide results in advance (podcast, blog, youtube channel, Facebook group, etc), look at time requirements (since I work full time), look at natural gifts to see which option is a better fit, pray about it, make a decision, create a schedule so I don’t feel overwhelmed
R: New leads because I’m providing results ahead of time