Proving that I’m successful.

I’ve spent my entire life achieving and excelling to prove I’m worthwhile.

I’m tired. I don’t want to have to prove anything to anyone.

This month’s time work has exacerbated the problem. I feel like it’s making me want to push even harder to prove I can do it. I’m guessing that’s not the purpose.

I read the following online today and it resonated with me, so wanted to get your thoughts.

“When we white knuckle moment to moment, task to task, goal to goal we train ourselves to think in terms of survival. Our emotions heighten and relief becomes only a direct result of reaching and completing the very next task.

We miss out on life this way because we become so hyper focused on relief only as it pertains to accomplishments.

Let go of that grip and focus instead on the overall journey. This is how we change survival thinking and truly learn what it feels like to live!”

I honestly don’t enjoy life because I’m working so hard to prove my worth or prove I can be successful. I think I’m using productivity and achieving goals as a kind of buffering. How can I slow down and enjoy the journey, but still get things accomplished?