Proving my Beliefs Right/Wrong with my Acitons

Hi there,
So as you teach, we don’t want to act our way to a feeling. At the same time, actions are the things that create results and really the things that create the evidence around our beliefs.
In front of a decision on which action to take my brain tells me “I need to prove I’m changing,” and “I need to prove I am courageous by choosing the action that scares me the most.” This is mostly the case in front of my buffers, I am facing a decision (exercising the usual times / skip a workout) and I find myself anxious for both:
– doing something similar to what I have done, anxious about what I will make it mean (I’m not courageous, I’m not creating evidence I am changing)
– doing something new, like leaving out a workout, and watching my brain, missing out on the usual rewards
Back to my original question, what posture would you suggest when I find myself feeling hurried to prove with my actions that x unintentional belief wrong / y intentional belief right? If I don’t want to feel pressured to do so, at the same time I want to invite the process to happen right? I feel I need clarity around this, thanks.