The psychology of affiliate links

When I encounter an affiliate link I often don’t purchase from it. Maybe because I want to research the various brands/choices first and then even if I do purchase that exact item, it is from another vendor or I did it later on when I got back to it by searching for that exact product rather than re-clicking the affiliate link. I’m not an AirB&B host but I imagine if I was…sure, I’d want to know what Evelyn uses but then I’d want to set myself apart from everyone else. For that reason, in Evelyn’s business model and any other I can think of, I love your idea of putting the affiliate links inside a paid program. It’s brilliant Brooke! She gets paid whether they buy from the link or not. And for those (maybe rare?) people who don’t want to research or mess with it and just want to click a link and buy something without thinking about it or much effort, that’s just bonus money.

With what I’m currently thinking for a coaching niche I don’t see affiliate links as being something I’d do. However, I have thought of using them before for a future business as one method in my toolbox for making money. However, even when thinking about that I never followed my logic through to think about how I myself treat affiliate links from others. Put it inside your paid program…just brilliant!!! Thanks!