Public school is a Zoo

I shared an idea with my mom at the lake today and my sister overheard the conversation. She questioned me shortly after what I meant by the statement and I got defensive. I’ve reacted this way in the past and it’s not my favorite way to react. I really enjoy and love my sister and this one area gives me reason to act without love.

I’d love to get some traction on the situation:

Unintentional Model:

C: Sister says “Why would you say that public school is like a zoo?”
T: Oh no! Maybe I’m wrong about this
F: Defensive
A: Try to prove my point, scramble for words, talk before really thinking, find a reason to get distracted from the conversation so I can have some space, I don’t think about her experience, I don’t ask her questions to see what she thought I meant, I don’t seek clarity from her, but just try to prove that I’m not an idiot 🙂
R: (I’m still working on figuring out what my results are, but my this is my best guess) I don’t even allow that I could be wrong; I’m not open in the moment to conversation and seeking to understand her

Intentional Model:

C: Sister says “Why would you say that public school is like a zoo?”
T: The idea resonated with me
F: Curious
A: Take a moment to really think what it means in this context, ask her questions about what it means to her, seek to understand how it may have made her feel in the moment, willing to be wrong about the idea, take a second look to see if it still resonates with me
R: ( again with the result guess) I resonate with me. I really like to think deeply about ideas in the world and if they serve me. I can see that perhaps this one was grabbed casually and shared with equal regard and may not even be fully formed as my opinion.

Thanks for your help!