Public Speaking Dare

I said YES! I belong to a organization that provides continuing education for tax professionals. They needed a teacher for June 28th meeting. I knew I should do it but I hesitated, hoping someone else would step up. So….behold June’s homework, dare to go outside your comfort zone!! Life can be so timely. Coincidence? Probably not!! Last night I sent an email and said I would cover June 28th education. So now the panic sets in.
Do I have time to prepare?
What if someone asks a question and I don’t have the answer?
What if I’m prancing around with poop on my butt?
What if I can’t cover 2 hours?
What if I freeze?

I am choosing to believe….
My 43 years of experience is enough to answer their questions.
I am more than competent, I am an expert in my field.
I can hold their attention and interest for 2 hours. Seriously, it’s only 2 hours.
I will be prepared and rehearsed so I will not freeze.

C: Volunteer to Teach
T: What if I bomb? What was I thinking?
F: Fear, anxiety, regret
A: Worry, procrastinate, hope it goes away
R: I fullfill my fear by being unprepared.

C: Volunteer to Teach
T: I’ve got this. I know what I’m doing. If I don’t have an answer that’s ok I’m not a freeking Computer. Someone in the room may
have the answer. (Group is very helpful and accepting)
F: Excited that I volunteered. Moving me closer to teaching on a regular basis. Challenged.
A: Get busy preparing.
R: Class goes well. We learned something. Asked to cover another date.

Is my second model too pollyanna?