Puffy red face

For the last 6 months I have been having a problem with my face getting itchy, swollen and red. I have been to allergists, dermatologists and my primary doctor. None of them found the source, and all of my bloodwork has come back normal.  I consulted a naturopath who feels my liver is stressed and cannot handle the sugar or alcohol in my diet. She says it is a reaction to my gut being really out of whack for many years. I have been staying on a very limited diet of things I know are safe.

Then, when my face calms down and my gut feels good, I sometimes have a drink of red wine and other foods that I have avoided and then my face starts itching and getting red and swollen all over. I am angry at myself for sliding back into this over and over. This time, it was a whole month since my face swelled up and I thought I was okay. Then today it started again after having a celebratory glass of wine with my husband last night.  My question: How can I turn around my model to be more helpful and intentional? Here is what I have so far.

C: Face gets itchy, red, and swollen
T: I am frustrated trying to figure this out.
F: Defeated
A: I try out certain foods/drinks when I am feeling better
R: I beat myself up for not abstaining from the foods/drinks when my face reacts again.

C: Face gets itchy, red, and swollen
T: My food choices are so limited.
F: Separated out
A: I am constantly telling friends and family “I cannot eat that”.
R: I feel isolated.

C: Face gets itchy, red, and swollen
T: No one can figure this out
F: Frustrated (I just want some concrete answers)
A: I test out different foods when I am feeling better
R: I cannot tell which food/drink is the problem.