Pulled in so many directions

I feel pulled in so many different directions and it leaves me feeling scattered and a bit overwhelmed.

I am a Transformation Coach and am in the process of building my business. I am also a mentor and video reviewer (for practicums) for students in the coaching cert. program I took last year with weekly duties, a belly dance instructor with weekly classes and a part-time house cleaner. I’m also finishing up my major’s for my coach training in 2 areas of specialties, which includes a lot of practices and client sessions, and I am a part of Stacey Boehman’s 2k for 2k program, which I am trying to really absorb and apply the work.

I feel like I just listed all of that out to give myself the reason I am overwhelmed and feel pulled in so many directions; as though I am telling myself it makes sense and/or justifying it.

And… I just signed up for the life coach school cert. program!!! Yaaaaaay!!! I am so excited… and it also adds another area of focus, since I now have access to Self-Coaching Scholars and really want to soak up all the wisdom and self-coach myself with the model.

Feeling pulled in so many directions has me feeling like it is difficult to focus and that I don’t use my time well. Or I think that maybe I need a more solid plan, to schedule in things more, instead of being go-with-the-flow. I just don’t know (which I know isn’t a helpful thought). I feel ungrounded and scattered. I would like to feel more grounded, calm and like I know what I’m doing. I also wonder if I should spend time getting more clear on goals or feeling into what is most important to me.

Any coaching is welcome, thank you!