Pulled, led or divinely guided

Wow, I just blew my own mind!! I was doing my thought download and noticed some thoughts were “it just feels right” “its going to work out I can just feel it” “some things just really seem to be fitting into place” “interesting is this desire?” “Can you be pulled/led/divinely guided?” “Or are these feelings based on my thoughts?” Those thoughts led to more thoughts of course. “well wait if I’m being divinely guided isn’t that pulling me and creating the feeling?!?! At first I wasn’t sure I liked this idea so I decided to do my models.

C: Getting an apartment
T: It just feels right
F: Pulled (Exciting, curious & peaceful all rolled into one)
A: look for an apartment, Open to receive
R: Getting an apartment is the right choice

C: Looking for an apartment
T: I trust I’ll find the perfect one
F: Trusting (confident, determined and patient all rolled into one)
A: Search until I find the one I want, Take my time, don’t stress, open to receive
R: Find the perfect apartment

These feelings weren’t even on my list of feelings and never really crossed my mind as a feeling I could create. I’ve always thought of them being created externally somehow. Not sure how to wrap my mind around this yet but if I have the ability to create these very powerful feelings myself that is mind blowing. I always hear Brooke suggest similar thoughts but it stuck a new cord when I worked backwards from my current feelings and really got to experience being in it.

Please provide any feedback you may have on my models. 🙂

I’m honored to be here. Thanks for all you do!!