Puppy Praise!

I LOVE that you have puppies. I too have two pups! Mine are black & white also, shitzus, Willy & Katie. (named after Prince William & Princess Kate) I got my pups same year the royal couple married & decided this was my royal couple! And they definitely ARE, bringing me unexplainable JOY! I have been binge listening to your podcasts from the past & in my workbook pencil a PL (puppy love) behind ALL the podcasts you mention your pups to remind me to re-listen to! I Love taking mine for walks, & to run in the park. They LOVE people & are loved by ALL!
Thanks for sharing every part of your life! My pups have brought me so much comfort, unconditional love & motivated me to get up & get going! Do something! Get outside, get moving, stay motivated, live life & enjoy EVERYDAY!
Entering month 3 of scholars in Aug. So thankful for the daily changes! Finishing my goal of a model a day for month of July, (r-w & b) download worksheet from podcast #26 …. Life changing! Continuing to set and accomplish Goals & grow my PILATES Classes & Line Dance classes to 10 students every class of the 6-7 classes I teach each week in the small town of Boulder City NV, right outside of Vegas!
11 students in class last night, two more classes to teach this morning! Yay! So excited!
Thank YOU! Thank YOU! So much Brooke for the SO drinking free email videos & daily/weekly emails I started to receive in Jan. of this year that convinced me to take back my power & invest in ME! I am worth it!!! Falling in Love and getting to know myself better daily!
Love SCS, YOU & your pups too!
Lynn, Willy & Katie!