pure/high fat foods for IF

Hi Brooke,
I am very much enjoying the explanations you provide on the physiological impacts of the foods we eat. I began no sugar and flour on January 2. In the first 10 days I dropped 7 pounds, which felt great! However, for the last two weeks I have not lost any weight (and still have 15 more pounds to go). I’d like to expand my IF to exclude breakfast, only eating from 12-8p. However, there are 4 days a week that I either go to spinning or go running in the early morning. I tried not eating before this, but I really felt my body needed some energy. I used to have a 1/2 banana or glass of oj, but I have not been doing that since I adopted no sugar no flour. Instead I’ve been having a power ball (I mix almonds, pistachios, pecans and walnuts with dates and a little bit of coconut oil) before the workout, which made me feel great, but the scale isn’t moving, and I’d like to try eliminating the morning power ball to see if that helps.
I know you only drink coffee with cream in the morning as part of your IF. If I recall correctly at one point you mentioned that if we are doing IF, and do need to eat something, it should be full fat (or perhaps mostly fat). My question is, other than cream, what other food items would you suggest for this situation? 1/4 of an avocado, handful of walnuts? others?

Thank you for your guidance.