purge closet thoughts

I have had “organize and purge closet” on my to do list since December.
I’ve been avoiding it and kind of labeled it as a waste of time or not a priority at the moment..but it actually is a priority because I need the space and I’m moving soon.
Today I uncovered the thought so I decided to work on some models. It’s almost like my clothes in my closet have become trophies to me even though my style has changed and I haven’t worn most in over 2 years

C: organize/purge closet
T: I can’t get rid of of these clothes because I’m worried I won’t be able to afford to replace them now that I’m self employed
F: Threatened
A: Hoard clothes I don’t wear, avoid closet, avoid getting rid of clothes
R: Clothes remain in closet

C: organize/purge closet
T: I know where to buy inexpensive clothes if I need to replace them later? I’m looking forward to getting a new wardrobe?
F: Comfortable? Excited?
A: Clean out closet and donate unused clothes
R: Trust myself to afford new clothes