I am feeling a strong pull toward photography (which I’ve had as a hobby for at least a decade) – I’m also fairly talented at writing. I’d like to concentrate on these and have been trying to take massive action. Everyday I’m trying to do a little bit more but I would have to leave a six figure job to focus on it and ever get anywhere – if I was only responsible for myself I would sell this house and and get a smaller space and have a little bit of a $ cushion to work with but I’m a single Mom to two elementary school kids so the fear prevents me from taking big leaps. I’ve won several contests (nature photography) – I have a website and I was accepted at a gallery but now a rental space opened up in the gallery but it’s $600 a month. I wanted to go in on it with someone else (after they passed the jury process) but when I talked to her she did not seem optimistic about it and says no one is buying art here and that I might have better luck in downtown Cleveland. Unfortunately I don’t think that would work out as well as I need to be in town for the kids and their activities. I have two works in a show at the gallery in question right now so I’m going to see what kind of prizes they hand out and how much traffic is there for the exhibition but I feel like it might be a stretch to sell enough each month there to make the rent. I have been with the same company for close to 25 years so in a way they are my ‘family’ and there are great benefits but I am just not enjoying the work anymore. Do you think that when you actually land on your purpose/calling/that the universe will help with the $$ or what if that voice of self doubt is right? The resistance is really wearing me down. I’m trying to make things happen but do I just have to take this leap of faith for the universe to respond in kind – or do I just keep doing what I do and try to make something happen in my ‘down’ time. I guess I can just keep working on a business plan and hope that another space/opportunity opens up down the line but my mind just tells me that it’s never going to happen. My friend says they call it work for a reason (re: my current job) – and it’s not a bad job I’m just stagnant in it. Any advice would be much appreciated…h