My Purpose, and Allowing Urges

Good Morning, Brooke,
I have mightily resisted the work this month, but now that I made the decision to get on with it….wow. Mind blowing just to read the intro. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My purpose is to model joy. For me that means tapping into my essence (which requires my knowing that my essence is worthy). That connection will allow all my innate gifts to develop, to be clean and clear. Then, I can model that for others, maybe opening the way for them to allow joy, too. It sounds like it would feel SO good and satisfy my desire to be of service in such a fun and excellent way. My first couple of days work toward that are to really learn to feel the vibrations in my body, as I need to clearly recognize joy in myself.
In addition I want to be on a daily hunt to notice joy in others. Thoughts?

Also, in practicing allow urges, I notice it seems to be the same skill as allowing negative emotion, yes?

All my love and gratitude,