Purpose and Safety

I’m a VIP and have been dragging my feet a bit on this month’s Purpose work. My statement is “I empower” . I mean it for myself and for others. I’ve been buffering to avoid stepping out into the next phase of my business which is an online class. The fear of putting myself “out there” keeps me procrastinating.
T I’m afraid of failing and rejection
F fear, anxiety
A procrastinate
R I make no progression

C Business
T Staying small keeps me safe
F Safe
A stay hidden in the cave
R I can’t get hurt

C Business
T I’m here to empower.
F Determined
A Get to the to-do list
R I create the program by my Oct launch date.

My second model is interesting to me. How a negative thought can keep us stuck by creating false safety. Safety is usually seen as a positive feeling but here it is not so. Your thoughts?