Purpose and thanks

I love the idea that we have nothing to do in our lives to become more Whole or complete or perfect. I had a thought that I really should find a deeper purpose than my family and fitness career which involved owning a successful studio for 10 years. I always got A’s and could have done anything but never felt the pull to do something beyond undergrad or in a career path that receives outside praise like a doctor or lawyer or pharmacist. Looking at things with the idea that none of that matters- what would you do then, really helps! I would be pulled towards fitness and coaching bc I love them both. Funny enough I do think further education at some point might be fun bc it would challenge my growth.
Thanks to you and maya Angelou (altered her quote) my purpose in life is to be an example of what is possible every day with passion, compassion, curiosity, humor and style.
Thank you! KW