The Purpose I’ve Been Avoiding

Hey Brooke! It’s August 13th and I found that I’d been avoiding this month’s homework. I finally gave myself a moment to feel the resistance and then asked why and found that I was afraid. Afraid of picking a purpose and not sticking to it – like I’ve made goals and not stuck to them. “Ah, got it. That’s good information. So let’s jump in.” And when I read the pages – it all clicked. THIS is my jumping off point for the experience of life I want. Not to “fill in the blanks” or “mend myself” or “make myself worthy”… but just what do I want my life’s experience to be on Earth while I’m alive. And wow… that made this so fun! 😀

I wrote out the top words that connect with me – and combined them into a purpose. I think this encompasses the amazing life I’d like to create from here on out:

“I want to explore, grow, and create a fun, open life of abundance!”

I think that encompasses the bigger, fuller life I’m looking forward to living. Thoughts?