my purpose – please, comment

doing my work religiously, need feedback, please.
purpose – i am in total harmony with myself and feel complete , coming from the place of abundance see my purpose as being more succesful and financially comfortable to live the life i want -basically, want more money .
thought download :
– i have tools and potential to make more money and be succesful
– i have to concentrate a make a plan of action

model :

c- success
t- not going to happen – too lazy, will fail, too affraid
f-fear, sadness, disappointment, envy of others
a- as a result – not working hard on my project
r – keep dreaming, but no result

c- success
t- i am complete but want to be successful and make lots of money
f- complete and excited
a- do a business plan, have clear vision of product and process
r – win or loose, i am complete