Purpose purpose

Hey Brooke,
So, I know I am overthinking things, as that is what I tend to do. Here is the question – what exactly is the POINT of this purpose thing.
Is it to narrow down the options and constrain our direction?
Or is it to expand our minds to new possibilities?
To find things that we are already doing that fit in, to feel a sense of meaning in every day life? Or to brainstorm and plan a bigger, more purposeful life?
Do you think a “personal mission statement”, which i have read about and made before, is the same thing?
Is the point of it to use as kind of a tool to see if our actions are lining up to where we want to be going?
In that case is it a tool for questioning, like “does this fit in with my purpose?”

So far, I have changed mine 3 times, and have only used it as something to mull about during the day and feel ‘not right’ about.
I know that’s not what you want us to do with it. Be free first, and then choose.

I am interested in SO many things and have tons of ideas and dreams, but it is hard to narrow down. A broad purpose such as “to be the best version of me, to grow, and to love”, doesn’t seem to do much for me because everything fits into it. Perhaps I need to go in the other direction and pick something more specific like “to accept myself and be a loving mom”?

I am doing the homework every day, but every day, all I write about is philosophical musings about the concept of purpose!
Thanks as always for your words of wisdom,