Purpose questions

Hey Brooke,
I am having so much internal resistance and crap come up about this purpose stuff.
I have never believed, truly believed, that I am worthy just as I am. When I try to believe that now, my mind instantly rejects it. Because there are things I don’t like or approve of about myself and my life now. I am trying to step my way towards it gradually with more opened minded thoughts like “what if I am worthy just as I am?”

About creating a purpose, I delayed for a few days. I remembered reading somewhere the mantra, “The life you are living now is your purpose.” I have three young kids, and a business that I love, so it is my purpose NOW to take care of those things.

I wrote my purpose as – to nourish deeply the health and wellbeing of my self, my children, my farm, my customers.

My thoughts about it doing the daily work are that everything I do already fits in with this purpose. Is that how it should be? I thought coming up with a PURPOSE would be grand and inspiring, motivating, and providing joy and meaning to my existence.
So does that mean that my purpose as I’ve written it is not how it should be? Or that I need to change my thoughts around it?

C desire to nourish deeply
T Everything I do already fits in with this. So what now? Is this it?
F Flat. let down. uninspired
A Plod along
R Confusion with purpose concept

C desire to nourish deeply
T Everything I do fits in – and that’s AMAZING, what a good life!
F Gratitude, worthy
A Do things with meaning and joy
R Peace

I realized that I am even using my purpose as a way to BE GOOD ENOUGH, if that makes sense. Like, is this purpose good enough? Am I fulfilling it good enough? It’s not useful to me enough.

Thank you in advance for your support!
p.s. I listened to ‘problems are forever’ 3 times already, and I love the message. Now to integrate it into my life…