Purpose revelation & homework question

I can’t tell you what a HUGE eye opener the August workbook on living our purpose has been. I’ve really always thought that my purpose is tied directly to my work/career and that some day I’ll find just the perfect fit. But oh, man! To realize that my purpose is actually how I want to live my life and go through my days? Game changer!!

I’ve decided that my purpose is to emanate compassion and grace. Why? Because I think it is the best gift I can bring to the moments that make up our collective days. Plus, I think it will feel totally amazing to live this purpose. I get to be calm and love more and smile more and tune in more – all just BECAUSE I CAN. I seriously almost started crying as I was realizing all of this.

That said, I feel like I have to completely retrain my brain to actually live this purpose. People that know me would probably say I’m a caring person, but that is such a little piece of it. I know in my heart how easily I get frustrated with strangers, how irritated I can be with my mom, how selfish I can be when I feel scarcity, how often I try and power my way through life, etc. I’ve caught myself several times already, realizing that some small, seeming insignificant action is not me actually living my true purpose and have had to readjust my course. I guess I’m looking for confirmation that this is the approach to take – noticing, redirecting, running models, etc. I almost feel like I am reinventing myself. Sometimes it feels so simple, like duh?! of course this is how you should live, and other times it feels huge and hard. (I guess this is why I’m in Scholars!)

Homework question:
I’m also seeking on clarification on page 19 in the Aug workbook where you ask us to pick one area of focus. To use your example of the one thing being to make 100K in my business (which I don’t even have yet, so maybe my one thing should be to start that business…) am I then to tackle all the things on my to-do list by applying my new purpose of compassion and grace? Or in your example, is making the 100K the actual purpose?

Thank you Brooke!