Purpose revised and thought work

I’ve “tried on” a couple of purpose statements this month starting with “show myself what’s possible”. It felt good but not quite great. I thought I should revisit finding my purpose because they were feeling too broad and my brain went to panic. “So much is possible! Isn’t that a lot to accomplish? Should we start smaller?” I thought a lot about what’s currently driving me. I have that nudge to do something more than what I do now but it’s subtle. A nudge to grow or change with myself. My revised purpose statement is “to live my life intentionally and create opportunity to grow”. I know my reaction to my first purpose is just my thoughts. Should I continue this work with my second (more simple) purpose that feels really good or do this work on my initial purpose and challenge those thoughts I’m creating? Even typing this out just now I know where I should go. In the direction of growth. Tackling the first purpose gets me into some thought work and accomplishes the second purpose also the way. So…. it doesn’t hurt to go big then.