Purpose – Share & Passive Income Feedback & ready to coach w/ you LIVE

My purpose is to stay conscious – co-creating heartfelt & meaning contributions from a place of Abundance, Vibrancy & Gratitude.

Fundraise for PYSB – interview party planners, ideas – dinner party, lunch, dance, yoga, celebration, raffle, auction
teach yoga in public for practice & community awareness, public speak, advocate, solicit, play, continue personal practice, travel, network, passive income, make PYSB self-sustainable & a community non-profit that profits community, find office space

passive income for PYSB = sell t-shirts, have on-line yoga & mindfulness classes that public & parolees can access,
Brooke do you have any other ideas for self-sustainablitiy & passive income?

Prepared for mtgs today – met w/ Natalie regarding grant request w/ her foundation next year, & mtg Lt. McWilliams & Lt. Callahan – check
Pending: follow up w/ SB County Jail proposal to fund yoga program at the jail, prep for talk-show interview in L.A. 8/22- ask board members & other PYSB instructors to call in at 3:30, update website w/ Brina via TeamViewer – additional media links, research studies & board members, talk to Hannah to teach QBs, & invoicing & MailChimp, find additional yoga instructors for designated class times, schedule class for correctional officers, but ask for funding, follow up w/ Meryl regarding fundraising ideas, hire her if affordable- prep agenda for board mtg 8/22 w/ fundraising date set – find Pres., Secretary & Treasurer (ask David P.) & remember intention to bond, connect & network…, submit application for Courage to Lead workshop series & follow up with two potential coaching clients, look for office space – Workzones, Hub, etc., ask two instructors to talk at Power of your OM about PYSB in November & get PYSB instructors on Lululemon calendar for January classes, finish SB County Jail manual for instructors 8/31
C: Day
T: The world is conspiring in my favor
F: incredibly grateful
A: massive actions w/ tons of joy
R: Continue to find examples of how the world is conspiring in my favor…

Love, Ginny

P.S. The day I heard your podcast about your dog, I took our one year old English Cream Golden to vet who had been acting lethargic for a few days. She has been very sick w/ high fever – they have done tons of tests & ruled out a lot of things. Will have her see cardiologist tom.

C: Moana (means Ocean & she is scared of Ocean. LOL ) has low PLT, high white blood, low red blood & enlarged lymph nodes in abdomen
T: Shit!
F: discouraged & afraid
A: thought spiral ?
R: ?

BTs: Hmm – thoughts here – shit, I hope our insurance reimburses us something – this is costing so much $$$ & time, etc. I want her to get well. Is she going to die this young? We put our other Golden, Sandy down two years ago & it took that long to be ready for another dog. What a pain in the ass. I can’t believe I have that thought! I was so stoked to have my boys gone this week & yet here I am care taking for Moana…

C: Same & They have ruled out cancer of the abdomen, & lyme disease
T: I am willing to do whatever I need to to support her –
F: Loving
A: cook special food, give her extra loving, talk to medical intuit, take her back to vet to see cardiologist tomorrow for more tests, call Trucompanion tomorrow about her policy & reimbursement, etc., take thorough notes when talking to vet, sneak in those antibiotics
R: I am here to love & support her