Purpose….yes, a bit of swirling


I went through the process of finding a purpose and came up with…” I want to spread deep thought and humor.” And “I want to live a balanced life.” I asked myself…”why” As I continued exploring, I came up with “I want to spread inspiration” and of course, the way i could do that is through living a balanced, creative life and sharing humor and deep thoughts. I again asked “why” and came up with, “I want to live an authentic life that is fully lived.” Should I keep asking why and going deeper?

As I look at these versions of my intentions, I am coming up with some weird thoughts that I wanted to put out there. When I think of the idea of being balanced, I think to myself, “I should eat in a more balanced way.” But I like how I eat. It may seem extreme to others. I’m not sure when I’ve reached the deep purpose…. maybe I should put that thought in the model.

Thoughts? Sending warmth