Purposefully taking a break from thought work?

Hi, I joined SCS a few months ago to help me process through a decision I’ve been trying to make. I want to make sure I make that decision for reasons that I like and that aren’t just about me wanting to feel differently. As I continue to do the hard work of this, I’m finding myself depleted and exhausted. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on taking a pause from the thought work and taking more time thinking about what I want in my life- my future goals/desires…almost like law of attraction/manifestation stuff. Is this something that seems worthwhile or do I continue working through my decision while also working on a model to combat feelings of exhaustion/emotional depletion? Basically, I’m thinking of taking a temporary thought work break and just living as much as possible in the moment and focusing on generating some of my future goals to give myself some time to refresh from the emotionally hard practice of seeing just how messed up my brain can be. I hope that makes sense. Thank you.