Pushover or Taken advantage of?

Hello! So I’m very new to the the Scholars program (5 days in), so I obviously haven’t had a chance to review too much information. But I am stuck already on page 10 in the Self Coaching 101 booklet. Eeeek…I may be looking too far into this so early, but I really want to learn and make changes! So being a wife, mother, boss, etc, I am worried that changing my thoughts and not reacting a certain way will hurt my image in the long run allowing me to be seen as a pushover or allowing people to take advantage of a new thought process? Are there circumstances where I need to continue to reactive negatively in order to incorporate change? Or do I just need to trust the process and let it go? I apologize if you cover this later on, I just don’t want to be stuck so early! Thanks for any input!