Putting A Clock On It

I have scheduled a professional photo-shoot for myself for mid April, to get good head-shots for myself.

In January 1st I started a food protocol that included no flour, no sugar, no alcohol, no coffee, no snacking, no dairy, no grains, no nuts.
I added a goal to exercise daily and also decided to take on a challenge of no shopping for clothes or shoes for an entire year.

Thing is, I don’t remember my brain freaking out at all.
I remember very looking forward to the confidence I will get from that, the weight loss, and the healthy and fit body.
And for a month I followed my protocol to the letter and felt great.

And then in February there was one single event when I allowed myself a joy eat and ever since that I am not following my food protocol and not exercising at all.
I get up every day seeking a pastry or a bagel, anything that is not on my protocol and the main thought I hear is that with the number on the scale I can ‘afford’ to enjoy another day of these types of food.

What I wonder is how come for the first month I managed to do it effortlessly and then suddenly I feel such resistance from my brain?