Putting a timeframe to my goal.

C: 10lbs over my desired weight
T: I can do it (and have done it before)
F: determined
A: food awareness and eating to protocol
R: the final 10lbs are gone.

This is my intentional model. Would putting a time frame to my goal be right? For instance, ‘losing it in the next 24 days’… or ‘by the end of the month’? My concern is that when I’ve done this before and it doesn’t seem like I’m going to ‘make it’, it sets me up for:
T: you are not going to make it… you are running out of time…
A: self-sabotage
R: not losing the weight (at all… never mind by the time I have ‘set’)

It’s like I’m anticipating my response and being afraid to face it…