Putting anything in the R line

We talk about being able to put anything in the R line. But there are some things that don’t feel like they are totally under my control.

Getting a specific job at a specific company. Giving birth to your own biological child. Marrying Steph Curry.

When I find myself in one of these I usually ask “Why do I want that? What is the feeling I’m trying to create?” and then I put that feeling in my R line instead. In other words, I can create any OUTCOME FOR MYSELF that I want, even if I have to be a little flexible on the path to that outcome.

I also think about it in terms of “How hard are you willing to work? How far outside the box are you willing to think?” If you really, really, really, really wanted a degree from Harvard you could study hard for your SATs, do a bunch of volunteer work, write a kick butt essay, and hope. Or you could work your butt of to make scads of money, buy the school, and grant yourself a degree. See, willing to work hard enough, 1 Harvard degree achieved.

But is there a far more literal way this works? And works every single time? No matter the result?