Putting some goals for 2020 in the A line of my impossible gaol

I’ve chosen my impossible goal for the 2020, which is to double my current income. I also realize that I have lots of other goals (like drinking less), that would support my impossible goal. So would it work to put all those goals in the A line of my impossible goal model? Or should I exercise more constraint when it comes to the A line?

C: My impossible goal is to earn a gross income of $180,000 in 2020.

T: I can’t wait to see how going all in on this goal will help me evolve into the next version of myself

A:1. Continue working in my current full time job.2. Complete coach certification program 3.Begin taking on paid coaching clients no later than Q2 4. Create and execute a basic social media plan to promote my podcast and coaching. 5.Follow and tweak my drinking protocol ( with the aim of getting down to no more than 3-5 drinks per month by Jan 2021). 6. Follow & tweak my food protocol (to get to 123 lbs or less by January 2021).

R: I’ve evolved the person I’ve dreamed of becoming because I went all in on my goal.