Putting The Correct Thought In The Model

I’m up late because I’m at a conference in a hotel, and even though I’m pretending it’s reverse jet lag, I think my model is wrong. Here’s my model: C night time, T “I can’t sleep”, F nervousness, A stay up, get to bed late, R tired in morning and don’t show up properly in a way that serves me. When I wrote I think the thought was “I can’t sleep” but this wouldn’t usually cause nervousness. Is it possible to write a thought in the model but not have it be the right thought? Like I am pretending one thing, but really the thought might be “nervous about attending the conference tomorrow and I don’t want to sleep because then it will be here?” I know it’s silly and illogical and I am trying to ask questions when I get stuck on a model so I can use that for next time and get better at applying the model. Thanks