Putting Things Off… a breakthrough with the model

Hello again!
Last month I posted a question here about how I am struggling with procrastination, and you provided me some useful steps to complete the model. However, I was still having some hard time understanding and clarifying my thoughts about procrastination. I did so many models, and I just couldn’t understand myself.

BUT! Today, while I was riding bike home from school, I had been thinking about the thought downloads that I’ve written yesterday since I also procrastinated for the majority of the day. This is when I realize that I have not been accepting or allowing my unwanted feelings. So in order to keep my memory fresh and reminding my brain that this is my thought, I am going to lay out my model here:

Unintentional thought
C – Sunday To-do’s
T – I want to rest because I have not had a good rest for a week, but I can’t because I have to be productive and resting would hinder my productivity
F – tired
A – resisting to being productive
R – buffer half of the day with TV shows and accomplishing less items than desired

Intentional thought
C – Sunday To-do’s
T – I need to allocate a good, long time period for self-care
F – rested
A – feeling energized enough to do work and be productive
R – getting work done with a happy body and mind

I want to share this because I have been struggling with this problem so much, and never once did tiredness came across my mind until my thought download practice today. I always assumed that successful productivity means doing constant work and getting a lot of things done, but I never thought that successful productivity could also mean accepting that I am a human and I need time to rest.

5 days of doing serious work with Self Coaching Scholars, and my mind is already blown.
Thank you